Thursday, January 4, 2018

Kansas: Nine-year-old boy faces months of surgeries after pit bull attack, family says

KANSAS -- A 9-year-old Kansas boy faces months of reconstructive surgeries after he was attacked by a Pit Bull - German Shepherd mix, the boy's family says.

The family says Chance was playing with the neighbor child on Dec. 5. That same day, around 5:30 p.m, the father of the other child (who is also the dog's owner) rushed to Chance's home to tell his mom he had been hurt.

Chance's grandmother went to the neighbor's home and immediately rushed her grandson to the hospital. He was then flown to Children's Mercy Hospital in Aurora, Colorado for treatment.

According to a GoFundMe page which has been set up for Chance, the boy faces several months of reconstructive surgery. The page says Chance also lost his left ear, portions of his scalp and now has a tracheostomy.

Chance's family said no one knows what caused the dog to attack. They say the animal was chained to a tree.

The Kansas Highway Patrol worked the incident and told Chance's family that the attack lasted about 20 minutes.

As far as we know, there is no investigation into the attack.

Chance's father says he doesn't blame the dog breed.

"I don't blame the breed of dog, I blame the owner because of what he taught the dog," said Stephen Orozco.

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GoFundMe: Chance’s medical fund
Created December 10, 2017
Patrick Nakfoor

On the 5th of December Chance was attacked by a pit bull in his neighborhood in Garden City, Kansas. Chance was flown by life flight to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Aurora Colorado.

Chance who is nine is looking at months and months of reconstructive surgery. 

He has lost his left ear and portions of his scalp. Vision in his left eye may be affected as well. 

Today alone Chance has been in surgery for 8 hours. 

Chance and his family will be 5 hours from there home during there recovery period. And Chance’s Mom is stricken with Muscular Sclerosis which exacerbates the situation.

Chance has limited medical insurance.

Update 1
Posted by Patrick Nakfoor
Chance has had a rough week and at time of this update he is currently in surgery.

One bright spot this week Chance spoke to his mother through trachea his tube “hi mommy I love you” the sweetest sound in the world for Jennifer.

Please continue to share Chances go fund me page and keep prayers going for him.

There is an area below where you can print a poster and put it up in your office to spread Chances and his families situation.

Chance with his grandma

This is going to be long road and require lots of financial help for Chance and his family.

Update 2
Thank you everyone for your generous support and your thoughts and prayers.

Chance is a month into his recoperation. He is having surgeries weekly to clean and treat wounds and has a more permanent breathing tube in place.

Cards and words of encouragement may be sent to Chance Orozco
ICU Rm 3106
Children’s Hospital
13123 East 16th Avenue
Aurora Colorado 80045

Update 3
After some setbacks this week Chance was helped out of bed and into a chair. Grandma who was present was clearly excited. A milestone of sorts. In less than a month the goal that was set of 5,000.00 has been met and surpassed. The immediate family is very great full for the donations, kind words and prayers. After a month of Chance being in ICU and the family being 5 hours from home the need for financial support is as strong as ever. Please continue to share Chance and his families situation and help when you can.

Update 4
In an effort to ensure that people are comfortable donating to Chance and his family on GoFundMe. I want to make it clear that Rachelle the Grandmother of Chance, is my sister in law. Funds being donated at this time are being withdrawn into my personal account and transferred to Rachelle’s checking account. For her to use as she feels is most needed.

(KAKE - January 3, 2018)

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