Sunday, January 7, 2018

North Carolina: Fifteen-year-old boy bitten by loose Pit Bull

NORTH CAROLINA -- Julianne Walther posted on Facebook group Downtown Cary on January 5, 2018 ·

Does anyone know who owns an aggressive pit bull (or pit mix) and lives near or on Parkthrough St? Our 15 year old got bitten by it last night, and we need to know the dog’s vaccination history. (Son has started rabies vaccinations as a precaution, but it’s 4 rounds of shots at the hospital, so we really want to know!). Thanks!

Jenn Smith - Oh no!:( I’m so sorry! I haven’t noticed a loose dog that fits that description.

Julianne Walther - It was on a leash, but the owner couldn’t control it

Jenn Smith - what?! Oh no. And owner didn’t immediately give your child info?? I have run/walked around downtown a lot and only had one dog lunge at me with an owner that couldn’t control it ( on Walnut). That’s ridiculous that the person didn’t immediately share the vet info etc. I’m so sorry!!

Julianne Walther - my son was grabbing up our 6 month old puppy (that had escaped from our house) and the dog lunged and got some of the puppy and also son’s hand. Son didn’t know that he was bitten until he brought the puppy back inside, and then realized that he was bitten too. When we went out to go to the ER, they were gone (back inside, I’m sure).

Laura Schuster Mishra - Is animal control involved/aware?

Julianne Walther - Yes, Cary PD came to the hospital - it’s procedural, we didn’t call them.