Monday, January 22, 2018

Oklahoma: Woman stabs her own Pit Bull with scissors after it turns on her in horrific 20-minute attack

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Talkin to a friend who was attacked 20 minute battle she stabbed him with a pair of small scissors over and over by her Pit Bull that she owned and trusted.

I'm not posting this to bash Pits it doesn't matter any dog can turn on you [well, that's true, but not very many can do this to a human being -- bully breeds are the ones that do this the most often]. The most ridiculous the thing I've ever heard is "oh cujo is harmless he wont bite" ..

My reason for posting this is to show the damage that can be done with one bite drug her 300 ft. Inches away from the momma dog sleeping and luckily she was deaf so didn't wake up possibly could have joined the attack ... watch the kids....

I was almost attacked when I was about 11 by two pit bulls who were coming at me in my backyard that jump the fence we had an acre backyard I had a dog that was full-blooded Chow a red one named Nikki she come flying around the house and went head on with the first one that was leading the way she was so fierce in her attack that the other Pit bull turned around and ran back and jump the fence to get away and Nikki tore that Pit bull up it got up and ran off I jumped up on top of my grandma's tornado cellar so when your kids are out playing you got to also beware of stray dogs


Memphis Mike - i got attacked in my apartments 4 years ago my neighbots pitts always sniffed me and i fed them many times ..but this day i was walkin around the building and i seen her walkin her pitts .i said man its so hot out here even your pitts look hot .they looked at me and came straight for me i thought they was comeing to play and the male latched onto my arm and growled like hell so i slammed him agaimst the wall to free my arm i got it loose held him up by his neck against the wall and the female was rippin my pants off sooo i just kept on slammin my foot down on her legs as i held that massive muscle mass against the wall the had its neck trying to bite at my hand .sooo i pull out my car keys and i just shanked the male in the neck and chest till he stopped moveing as he slowed down i knew he was hurt i slammed his head hard as i could against the ground as the dogs owner kept trying pull the female off me ..i managed to break the female dogs legs during the attack ..but soon as i had my chance i ran into my apartment and only had a few scartches but was bandaged up point is i trusted those dogs they turned on me for free ..since then i trust no dog .


Dana Cruze - Jesus Christ, that looks like a shark bite! She is lucky to be alive. Pit bulls have killed HUNDREDS of people, and they keep killing people every 9 days, and severely mauling people every day. They killed 2 people just this past week.

It's NOT the owners. If the problem was with owners then we'd be seeing fatalities by all breeds, and each year there would be a different #1 killer. But it is ALWAYS pit bulls every year.