Monday, March 5, 2018

Australia: Bull Mastiff's leg fractured after he's attacked by a Pit Bull

AUSTRALIA -- Guillermo 脕ngel G贸mez posted on Facebook group page I Love My Bullmastiff, March 2, 2018

Guys my poor boy Bruno got attacked by a pit bull, he is in a lot of pain now, please send prayers. Im so sad 馃槶

Myfanwy Buchanan - Oh poor baby馃槩 why don't people keep their animals on a lead 馃槪

Guillermo 脕ngel G贸mez - The pit bull was always on a leash according to his owner but escaped this time 馃槥

Maria-Luisa Rittinghaus Have you seen a vet? If he is in pain prayers will not help but a vet will. Sorry to be so direct. A speed recovery to your furbaby ❤

Guillermo 脕ngel G贸mez - Yes he is already takin meds for the pa铆n. But he still crying because he cant get up 馃槶

Alicia S Sc - Guillermo 脕ngel G贸mez, gee how bad was he chewed? is he a young dog?

Guillermo 脕ngel G贸mez - it's actually not that bad, it seems he has a fractured leg, he can't get up so he cry all the time and thats what breaks my heart :'(

Not that bad? He has a fractured leg...

Guillermo 脕ngel G贸mez - he is 6 years old

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