Sunday, March 11, 2018

(February 2018) California: "Our dog was attacked by pit bull and survived"

CALIFORNIA -- Oleg Lobykin posted on Facebook February 3, 2018 · East Palo Alto, CA ·

Our dog was attacked by pit bull and survived.

It was not easy to get them separated using garden hose with water and shovel.

For dog lovers with friendly breeds best defense from pit bull is pepper spray. Have one just in case.

Correction: The best defense from a Pit Bull is a firearm.


Note who posted the photo. Back in 2016, Tina Pounds was viciously mauled by a Pit Bull while protecting her grandson from the dog. She has since been "red pilled", as they say, about these kinds of dogs. Her GoFundMe is still open due to the high costs of her lengthy recovery.

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