Monday, March 5, 2018

(February 2018) California: Woman knocked to the ground, her Chihuahua named Buddy mauled by Pit Bull

CALIFORNIA -- On 1-19-18, my mom took her dog Buddy out to go to the bathroom. As they were walking back in, a few feet from her front door, a pit bull came from behind them and viciously attacked her dog. She got knocked to the ground and couldn't get up because she was in shock.

As she sat there horrified by what she was seeing, her precious Buddy getting attacked and getting mauled on his neck, she wondered if she was next. She some how managed to notice a SUV going by. As she screamed and waved her hand, this Angel stopped and helped her. She fought this dog off and called 911.

If it wasn't for this lady, no telling what the outcome would've been. This attack on Buddy has left her afraid and looking over a shoulder every time she takes him out. (Note, she always takes him out with his leash).

Unfortunately this isn't the first time she's experienced a vicious attack on her dog. The first time happened 9 years ago while she was walking her dog Pepito around the neighborhood. A pit came out of no where again and mauled him to death.

She wasn't able to save him but she was able to save Buddy. Now she is faced with unforeseen bills because Buddy had to undergo 2 surgeries and is still under veterinary care. So far the bills are $ 1,200. This attack on him has opened old wounds and left her uneasy to go in her own front yard.

We know time heals all and thank God for this Angel that stopped to help them.If you're able to help her in any way you can, we'd appreciate it. And if you can't, that's ok to. We just ask that you pray for Buddy for healing and for our precious mom, nana, and grandma for peace of mind and healing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,your generosity, and prayers. The Flores Family


GOFUNDME: Attack Of Buddy And Grandma
Created February 5, 2018
Shaun Flores