Saturday, March 24, 2018

(February 2018) Kentucky: Two Pit Bull spend their morning mauling the faces off of baby and miniature horses

KENTUCKY -- Mid-morning on November 4, 2017, two pit bulls came into our front paddock and attacked our four recently weaned foals and our miniature pony mare.

All five, sustained bite wounds to their faces, legs, necks, and bellies. One foal's injuries were so severe and life threatening that he was transported to Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, KY where he stayed for 10 days and underwent multiple surgeries to piece back the lacerations and bites.

All five horses, survived their wounds, but the vet bills to help save them multiplied quickly. Our current goal of $15,000 will be able to cover the vet expenses. We hope to raise money to help pay for the vet bills and also help pay for the attorney fees to take the dogs' owner to trial. We want to ensure that this will not happen again.

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GOFUNDME: Foal Dog Attack
Created February 25, 2018
Missy Jo Hollingsworth

Michaela Morrison Ward - Good luck getting any money out of them!

We had the dog attack in Butler County a couple months ago and pit and 2 other dogs killed 3 minis and basically the owner got off with a slap on the hand and he apparently was even a known felon! I had a mini attacked and mauled 25 years ago and the judge had the owners pay the 1500 vet bill and the 3000 for cost of filly. That was before judges got weak!

Best of luck for recovery of minis and good luck in court! Hopefully, Hamilton County will have stiffer sentences!

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