Sunday, March 25, 2018

Georgia: "My Irish Terrier was attacked by a Pit Bull today"

GEORGIA -- Betty Lamptey posted on Facebook March 16, 2018 ·

My Irish Terrier was attacked by a Pit bull today.

None of the men watching offered assistance, although I've seen them play and interact with this dog many times. One little boy ran outside with a bat ready to help. Luckily my son heard me yelling, so he ran downstairs and punched the dog in the face several times.

Those so-called men who heard me and saw the whole attack, only intervened when my son was helping by trying to put the pit to sleep..... Then the clouds came threw and it hailed for 5 minutes.

These men are not men. And have the nerve to keep asking for my phone number, and what Im doing on the weekend. Im baking brownies for the little boy who had guts to try to help.

Rico is ok, scared and a few puncture wounds but he will be fine. He has barricaded himself inside his crate..... But im so thankful it wasn't worse.

Dee Muhammad - he's loose again. call the police

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