Saturday, March 10, 2018

Nebraska: You can't fix stupid. Woman nearly killed by her Pit Bull wants dog to be adopted to new home

NEBRASKA -- A Lincoln woman who was attacked by her own pit bull Tuesday morning said it's not the dog's fault and pleaded for his life to be spared.

Michelle Gandara, 25, said she has had Zeus since he was six weeks old.

She said the two year old pit bull has never acted up towards her or her four young children

"Because if he was aggressive, I never would have had him around my children." Gandara said.

That's why it surprised Gandara when Zeus attacked her.

"He grabbed my whole stomach and pulled me down and tried biting me on my face," Gandara said recovering from a room at Saint Elizabeth Hospital.

"He bit me on my hand my leg. I was getting drug around like a rag doll in my living room I was getting drug every where," Gandara said.

Gandara said the attack lasted about 30 minutes.

Lincoln police used a taser on Zeus to get him release his grip and run off.

"I was scared when they found him they were going to put him down right away," Gandara said.

Lincoln Animal Control officers found Zeus with a neighbor Thursday morning.

He is quarantined for 10 days to check for rabies, and determine if he is vicious and has to be destroyed.

"He's not a bad dog. He doesn't deserve to die," Gandara said.

"Because honestly it was my fault."

She said Zeus originally went after her husband Corey.

She said she tried blankets, water and pepper to distract him.

When that didn't work, she grabbed a baseball bat.

"When I had that bat and made that loud noise, that's when he attacked me," Gandara said.

She struck the dog several times during the attack.

"It was scary it was," Gandara said.

She said even though she is not angry with Zeus, she can't take him back.

"When he sees me, he'll only see me now as someone trying to hurt him, not somebody that had a bond with him," Gandara said.

She hopes officials will allow her to give Zeus to a new owner.

"I have a lot of people know what type of dog he is. I have two people that want to adopt him already," Gandara said.


(KETV Omaha - March 9, 2018)


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