Sunday, August 19, 2012

8-Year-Old Recovering From Dog Attack

Victim describes being attacked
"I got in the ambulance and I was rushed to the hospital and went to the ER and they put some gel on my eye and put some eye drops in there,” Atlas said.
The Presa Canario being housed in quarantine

Atlas has more than 50 small stitches in his face, but says he feels OK. He had this advice for other kids.
When trying to offer a defense for your dog's aggressive behavior,
it's always important to insist the dog loves YOUR kid


Dog Declared Dangerous after Boy Bitten

Owner has 10 days to appeal order of destruction

ST PAUL, MN — The dog that attacked an 8-year-old boy last Friday in St. Paul has been declared dangerous by the city and is scheduled to be put down unless the owner appeals.

The dog bit Aharon Atlas after he knocked on a neighbor’s apartment door and entered the living room. Atlas needed 50 to 60 stitches on his face, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Now, Animal Control says the 2-year-old Presa Canario named Spirit will have to be put down.

Police said the dog’s owner told them Spirit had nipped Atlas’ brother but had never bitten anyone before.

The victim’s mother, Kelly Heinl, said the dog had nipped her son, bitten another person and killed at least two cats.

Under St. Paul code, a dog is determined to be a dangerous animal if it has:
  • Caused substantial bodily harm to any person on public or private property without provocation
  •  Engaged in any attack on any person which would indicate danger to personal safety without provocation
  • Exhibited unusually aggressive behavior, such as attacking another animal and causing serious injury or death
  • Bitten one or more persons on two or more occasions
  • Been found to be potentially dangerous and the owner has knowledge of the animal aggressively biting, attacking or endangering humans or domestic animals
  • Exhibited fresh wounds, scarring or is seen in a fight, or shows any other characteristics a that would reasonably constitute evidence that the animal has been or will be used to fight another animal.
The animal was impounded on April 22 after it was ordered seized for destruction.
The owner has until May 11 to request a hearing to appeal, which would cost $50. If no hearing is requested, the dog will be put down.

(Fox 9 News - April 27, 2011)