Monday, September 10, 2012

Lubbock police shoot, kill pit bull in United parking lot

TEXAS -- Lubbock police shot and killed a pit bull in the United Supermarket parking lot on Saturday night, after responding to a complaint from the store manager.

Eddie Owens, Director of Communications for United Supermarkets, tells us that two pit bulls wandered inside the store at 5001 Marsha Sharp Fwy around 8 p.m. Saturday night.

"It's my understanding that two dogs - according to my information were both pit bulls - they wandered into our store on Marsha Sharp. Staff got them outside without problem but once outside they began to fight. Police officers were called and they tried to separate the dogs unsuccessfully and they shot one of them for the safety of all those in the area," Owens said.

The police report says "An aggressive pit bull was attacking another dog in the parking lot of United Supermarkets. The dog placed myself and others in danger of serious bodily injury. I fired one round into the dog with my LPD issued pistol. The dog was deceased. Animal Control responded to the scene and took custody of both dogs."

We contacted Lubbock police about this incident on Sunday, but the desk sergeant had no information, and we are still waiting to hear from their Public Information Officer.

(KCBD - Sept 9, 2012)