Sunday, October 13, 2013

Minnesota: Another 32 animals seized from Pine County woman, Kathy Doenz

MINNESOTA -- On Thursday, more animals were seized from a Pine County woman with a long history of animal neglect, less than a month after a dozen starving horses were taken away.

Previously, a dozen starving horses and 21 dogs were taken from the property owned by Kathy Doenz's mother. Two of the horses were in such poor condition, they had to be euthanized immediately.


"We're kind of back to where we started three weeks ago as far as having a bunch of animals in our custody," said Pine County Sheriff Robin Cole.

This time, investigators removed 15 dogs, 14 starving horses and three cats.

"The mane is falling out, the bloated belly, the hind quarters are completely -- well, they're basically gone," Cole said.

Authorities even found the corpse of one horse on the property that had been nearly reduced to bones, but when Doenz was asked about the conditions on her farm, she told FOX 9 News, "I have nothing to say."

Doenz has a history of animal neglect, and was charged with 35 counts back in 2006. The investigation into last month's seizure is still ongoing, and even after executing a search warrant on Thursday, Cole admits he suspects she's been playing a bit of a shell game by moving animals between farms owned by her family members.

"We hope we have them all, but again, this is some 400 acres that is kind of under the control of this family," Cole said.

Last month, Doenz sent her attorney to the animal shelter where the dogs were being held in an effort to get them back; however, they never filed the paperwork to contest the seizure.
"It would seemingly appear that this is one of those cases where we have somebody that believes they are truly treating these animals well when, in fact, they are starving to death," Cole said.

Prosecutors have yet to file charges, and investigators hope Thursday's seizure is the last they'll have to perform.

The dogs seized Thursday, including four German Shepard puppies, were taken to the Guardian Angel shelter, where they'll be evaluated over the next 10 days.

"Definitely undernourished, definitely dehydrated," Tracy Clymer said of their condition. "They all immediately went to the food and water."

While there are people willing to help put an end to the animal abuse, Pine County has already spent $15,000 on food, boarding and medical attention on last month's rescue operation alone.

To help with the mounting costs, the Pine County Sheriff's Horse Posse Fund is accepting donations in the form of financial contributions, grain, hay and dog food.

(KMSP - Oct 10, 2013)



  1. What is is going to take in the United States to quit looking at these living breathing creatures who feel pain, happiness and starvation as if they were simply a lawn tool and "somebody's property"? When will we start locking people like this up in mental institutions for at least a couple of years instead of just worrying about their "property rights" and letting this continue?

  2. They shouldn't be soliciting donations in fact the county should immediately file a lien on this farm and sell it on the court house steps for the bills to take care of these poor horses.

    1. I agree. Why should taxpayers foot the bill when the owner should be the one to pay the bills?

  3. This is from the Minnesota Department of Revenue on how Liens are filed.