Saturday, November 23, 2013

Justin Elliot, confirmed moron, says killer pit bulls "Just playing"

Justin Elliot - "I think they're more trying to play than anything, y'know they're still pups. I don't think they were being aggressive... I don't think anything a human or a person would have to worry about."

MARYLAND -- Two dogs charge into a mountain home, killing a pet cat inside.

It happened Friday morning on Hill Road in Marion.

The sheriff's department says Janice Hensley called 911 after two pit bulls from a house down the street ran through an open door and mauled her cat.

When Hensley tried to stop the dogs, neighbors say she was scratched on her hands and wrist.

Neighbors believe Hensley may have been putting food out for the dogs and say they've never seen the animals act aggressively before.

Right now both pit bulls, which the shelter estimates are about a year old, are temporarily quarantined in McDowell County.

(WLOS - Nov 22, 2013)

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