Thursday, January 29, 2015

Michigan: Lawsuit filed after man attacked by pit bull while standing at bus stop; owner grabbed his dog and fled

MICHIGAN -- Our dog bite lawyers recently filed a lawsuit in the Macomb County Circuit Court on behalf of a client who suffered serious injuries to his face.  He was attacked by the defendants pit-bull while standing at a bus stop in Roseville.

Our client had previously worked with the defendant. The defendant had driven into a McDonald’s next to the bus stop and parked his van.   As the defendant climbed out of his van,  his pit-bull jumped out the van just behind him.

 For no reason at all, the pit bull bit our client in the face.

The bite resulted in a severe laceration of our clients face and lip. The attack has resulted in permanent scarring to our clients face.


The defendant left the scene to get his dog, who ran away, and never returned.

The Roseville and Warren animal control officers were able to track down defendant with the assistance of the Roseville Police Department.  A report and investigation substantiated how the attack occurred.  Our client did nothing to provoke this terrible attack.

The doge bite lawsuit was filed in the Macomb County Circuit Court in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. The defendants homeowners insurance carrier hired an attorney to defend the owner.  The lawsuit seeks compensation for pain and suffering, scars, and medical expenses.

No trial date has been set by the court.

(Buckfire & Buckfire PC - January 29th, 2015)