Thursday, January 29, 2015

Michigan: Woman files lawsuit after her friend's Black Lab attacks, ripping off the tip of her finger

MICHIGAN -- Our dog bite lawyers recently filed a lawsuit in the Livingston County Circuit Court on behalf of a client who suffered serious injuries to her hand and finger.

She was attacked by the defendant's black Labrador retriever at her friend’s home in Pinckney, Michigan.

Our client was at her friend’s house dropping off promotional materials for her company.  She was familiar with the dog and went to pet it, when the dog bit her hand.  

The bite tore off the tip of her right index finger and injured her thumb. Stitches were used to close the wounds. She continues to have nerve issues in the finger and thumb. She has had physical therapy for the injuries.

The doge bite lawsuit was filed in the Livingston County Circuit Court in Brighton, Michigan. The defendants homeowners insurance will be liable to pay the settlement.

The lawsuit seeks compensation for pain and suffering, scars, and medical expenses. No trial date has been set by the court.

(Buckfire & Buckfire - January 29, 2015)