Friday, January 30, 2015

Oklahoma: April Martin, 36, moved out of her house and left her pit bull locked inside a tiny, feces-covered cage to slowly starve to death, say police

OKLAHOMA -- A woman was arrested after authorities said she left a dog in a 2' by 3' cage to die.

Authorities said 36-year-old April Martin moved out of her home located at 1931 N.W. 30th Street in Oklahoma City in November.

Martin was reportedly having domestic issues with another man who also lived at the residence. The man, Marvin Brown, was known as mentally ill, but Martin was not, court documents said.

The man, Marvin Derrell Brown Jr, was removed from the home and Martin reportedly moved out as well.

When authorities entered the home less than a week after Martin was last seen at her home, they found a dead dog in a small cage that had been starved and dehydrated. 
The medium-sized pit bull was covered in urine and feces as well.

The animal appeared skeletal to authorities. The necropsy reported the official cause of death was starvation/dehydration.

One count of animal cruelty was filed against Martin on Friday in Oklahoma County.


What April posted on Facebook later:


(News9 - January 30, 2015)