Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ohio: Breeder Trixe McCowin, 41, pleads not guilty in Brunswick cat-abandoning case

OHIO -- A Montville Township woman pleaded not guilty Monday to abandoning three cats in a Brunswick parking lot last month.

Trixxe McCowin (Trixe McCowin), 41, of Country Club Drive, was charged in November with criminal trespass and abandoning animals, misdemeanors that could carry jail time or fines. Her trial date was not immediately set in Medina Municipal Court.

McCowin was charged last month after a witness said he saw a woman matching McCowin’s description exit a yellow Hummer vehicle, place a crate on the ground and leave the parking lot on Town Center Boulevard.

The crate contained three dirty and ill Persian cats, according to a police report. Two of the cats received medical attention and were placed in foster care. The third was euthanized.


McCowin operates an online cat-breeding business, Pure Royalty Persians, out of her home. According to the website, the business specializes in Persian kittens.

Montville police recognized McCowin’s description from previous visits to her house, according to a police report, and identified her as a suspect to Brunswick police.

(Medina County Gazette - December 29, 2015)


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