Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ohio: Trixe McCowin, 41, set for court in Persian cat abandonment case

OHIO -- A Montville Township breeder of Persian cats is set to appear in court Monday after a witness alleged he saw her abandon three cats in a Brunswick parking lot, according to police.

Trixxe McCowin (Trixe McCowin), 41, of the 3300 block of Country Club Drive, was charged with criminal trespass and abandoning animal charges last month.

According to a police report, a witness said he saw a woman in a yellow Hummer with “blinged out” chrome wheels stop her car Nov. 13 in a restaurant parking lot on Town Center Boulevard in Brunswick. He said the woman took a small animal kennel out of the car, placed it on the ground and drove away.

Police found three cats inside. They were turned over to the Medina County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Humane Officer Kate Marshall told police the cats are a rare breed — blue Persians.

All three cats were described as having issues ranging from upper respiratory problems to dirty and matted fur, according to the report. One cat needed its eye removed due to an infection, she said.
Another one was euthanized, Brunswick Animal Control Officer Mike Kellum said.

Marshall told police the cats were about 7 months old and would be transferred to a foster home.


Several Montville police officers identified McCowin as a suspect, with her vehicle matching the description. McCowin operates an online cat-breeding business, Pure Royalty Persians, out of her home. On the business’s website, she advertises five different types of Persian kittens for sale.

McCowin was questioned by a Brunswick police officer Nov. 23. She told police she cares for all of her cats and her attorney advised her to not respond to any calls or social media posts about the incident.

McCowin did not respond to a telephone call from The Gazette.

McCowin appeared Dec. 15 in Brunswick Mayor’s Court where she pleaded not guilty. Her next court date is in Medina Municipal Court at 8:30 a.m. Monday.

In 2011, the state filed for a sales tax lien against McCowin, then Trixxe Conn-Kirtley. She also was fined for disorderly conduct in 2009. In 2013, she was fined and placed on probation following an arrest on charges of theft and criminal trespass, according to court records.

Kellum said, aside from during the Great Recession, he rarely sees animal abandonment cases in Brunswick. However, this year the city has experienced a spike with three or four cases in the past 12 months.

He added the animal control department offers assistance to people who want to relinquish their pets and connects owners with adoption agencies.

“If you have trouble keeping your pets, contact us,” he said.

(Medina County Gazette - December 22, 2015)

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