Wednesday, January 27, 2016

West Virginia: Paul Sisler, 39, and Brittany Gump, 26, plead guilty to animal cruelty

WEST VIRGINIA -- An animal cruelty case was resolved Wednesday, Jan. 27, in Preston County Magistrate Court when the second person pleaded in the case.

Paul David Sisler, 39, and Brittany Jordan Gump, 26, of Masontown, were each charged with four counts of animal abuse in October 2015. They were also cited for two counts of failure to vaccinate against rabies and two counts of failure to register a dog or kennel.

The dogs were seized because they appeared “underweight and malnourished. There is a lack of food and water present,” according to the criminal complaint filed by Masontown Police Officer Stemple.

They later surrendered the four dogs to the county and were ordered to pay $961.12 for veterinary care and boarding expenses incurred before ownership was surrendered.

In December, Sisler was charged with three more counts of animal cruelty/with holding sustenance and medical care necessary to sustain health.

On Wednesday, Sisler pleaded guilty to one count of animal cruelty, and all the other charges were dismissed. He is to pay a $300 fine and $160.25 court costs by July 28 and cannot possess any animals for five years.

Gump pleaded guilty to one count earlier this month and was assessed the same fine and costs, and is also prohibited from possessing animals for five years.

(The DPost - Jan 26, 2016)