Saturday, April 23, 2016

New York: Judge decides pit bull to be euthanized following attack on greyhound and its owner

NEW YORK -- A Newark village judge has decided a pit bull that attacked a greyhound is a dangerous dog and will be euthanized by a local veterinarian.

The decision was made this morning in Newark Village Court after the hearing was postponed to allow the dog's owner, Vickie Cook of Route 88S, Newark, to obtain an attorney.

The attack occurred last week. Lisa Matthaeus was walking her rescued greyhound Reggie down Main Street in Newark one evening.

According to Animal Control Officer Bob Howard, a mixed breed pit bull in a parked vehicle jumped out the car when the driver opened the door to get in and attacked Reggie in the parking lot at Bodine’s. Matthaeus tried to pry the pit bull off her dog and was bitten.

The pit bull, Rocky, was secured at the scene and taken to the pound that night. The dog has since been moved to an undisclosed location following an incident at the pound, Howard said. A hearing was set for Friday, April 15 in village court to determine if Rocky the pit bull is a dangerous dog and decide his fate and later postponed for today, April 20.

Howard said the judge had already stated that if the dog is determined dangerous, he would be destroyed. Howard added he had heard rumors of the dog’s aggression, but there is no documented history of the dog biting anyone.

“The dog attacked the greyhound and (Matthaeus) and that’s the reality,” Howard said on Monday. “It’s unfortunate for everybody involved. Nobody’s going to win here.”

As of Friday, Howard said Reggie the greyhound was recovering from his extensive injuries. Matthaeus received a severe laceration to her left hand and had to have surgery.

Howard said charges are pending in the case.

(10NBC - April 20, 2016)

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