Friday, June 24, 2016

Missouri: 41 animals rescued from nuisance home, Carolyn Goyda arrested

MISSOURI -- Jefferson City police have arrested a woman on suspicion of animal cruelty, after rescuing more than 40 animals from a home on Thursday.

Working with the Jefferson City Animal Control, City Code Enforcement, and Fire departments, police served a search warrant at the home of Carolyn Goyda on East Ashley Street. The warrant had been issued based on a number of complaints about a large of number of animals in and around the home.

During the search, officials found 40 cats and one dog in various stages of health.

The Jefferson City Animal Shelter closed for the day to give the animals medical treatment. Jefferson City Police Cpt. Doug Shoemaker said the department and animal control will continue to monitor the area around the home in case there are more animals needing rescue.

Cpt. Shoemaker also said that the department has dealt with Goyda before regarding trash on her property and the general upkeep of her home. Jefferson City Police were notified by Goyda's neighbors about a strong odor coming from the home and trash littered about the property. Police arrived at Goyda's home with a search warrant and were forced to wear masks in order to withstand the odor inside the home.

"Inside the home were very very poor conditions. Not livable conditions to the point where really it was condemned," Shoemaker said. "Clearly you can probably get the idea that even for humans it's not livable and for that number of cats. Forty cats in a residence its not going to lead to healthy conditions," Shoemaker said.

Shoemaker described the scene as disturbing. "Just the general disrepair, the smell, the feces around. Things had not been kept up at all but it was to the point where the officers were very disturbed by what they saw," Shoemaker said.

Jefferson City resident and Goyda's neighbor John Russell said he kept his distance from the home but could smell the odor from his house across the street. Russell said Goyda kept to herself but he did see cats roaming into adjacent properties and his own yard. Russell is a dog owner and was upset when he learned of the situation.

"It kinda makes me mad and sad just cause all the cats had to go through that," Russell said. "I'm not a big cat person myself but any animal shouldn't have to go through that," Russell said.

Goyda was arrested on suspicion of 41 counts of animal cruelty, each count a misdemeanor.

In 2015, following complaints about strong smells and lack of upkeep at the home, the city issued an abatement order, leading to the removal of trash and junked vehicles on the property.

People making comments on the news site are saying she was involved in rescue. Big surprise. All these people lamenting her prosecution are also to blame for not doing anything to stop her.

(ABC17 - June 23, 2016)

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