Wednesday, August 31, 2016

West Virginia: Paul Sisler, 39, and Brittany Gump, 26, on probation for animal cruelty are facing new charges

WEST VIRGINIA -- Two people convicted of animal cruelty in January face similar charges again.

Paul David Sisler, 40, and Brittany Jordan Gump, 27, both of Masontown, pleaded guilty in January to one count each of animal cruelty. They were initially charged in October 2015 with four counts of animal abuse and two counts of failure to register a dog or kennel.

Sisler was also charged in December 2015 with three more counts of animal cruelty/withholding sustenance and medical care necessary to sustain health.

Now each has been charged with 10 new counts of cruelty to animals.

According to the criminal complaint filed by Masontown Police Officer M.E. Hoefler: On Aug. 15, Hoefler, Preston Animal Control Officer Brittaney Shearer and Litter Control Officer Jay Sowers went to the couple’s home on an animal and litter complaint.

Hoefler saw five kittens on the porch of the home, and a plate of “molding food that had bugs all through it” and an empty water bowl. The officers took the kittens to a veterinarian, who diagnosed them as under weight, malnourished, flea infested, had fluid in their chests and infected eyes. One kitten was euthanized because of its condition.

Sisler and Gump’s sentence in the earlier conviction banned them from possessing animals for five years.

(The DPost - Aug 30, 2016)