Sunday, November 27, 2016

Australia: Owner stuck with $5,000 vet bill after her Golden Retriever named Fred is viciously mauled by out of control Rottweiler

AUSTRALIA -- A COOMERA Waters mother is out of pocket about $5000 after she and her dog were viciously attacked while out for a walk.

The attack has prompted Jennifer Cooley, 46, to call on pet owners to foot the bill if their furry friends go rogue.

The mum-of-three and golden retriever Fred were injured on their morning walk at Impeccable Circuit in the northern Gold Coast suburb about two weeks ago when a Rottweiler latched on to the six-year-old dog’s back.

The much loved family pet’s jaw was broken and he had punctures to his back which needed stitches.

Ms Cooley’s hands and leg were also injured when she tried to free Fred.

“I jumped in when I saw it happening,” she said.

“I had to save him, otherwise I would have lost him but when the dog let go of Fred he had a go at me. A bystander had to come in and give me a hand. It was just full-on.”

She said the Rottweiler was deemed to be a dangerous dog but returned to it’s owner, who Ms Cooley said had not contacted her following the attack.

“It wasn’t the dog’s fault. It was irresponsible human error,” Ms Cooley said.

The family know they have that breed of dog but $4200 later on Fred and $460 on me, I don’t think we could go through it again.

“It’s been a financial hit for us and I would have gone to a solicitor but then I’d be even more out of pocket.

“I think if there is a dog attack, by law, Council should have the power to make those people pay the vet bills for being an irresponsible dog owner.”

Fred and Ms Cooley are recovering well but will need continued treatment.

The shaken dog owner said the incident had taken an emotional toll. She said she was concerned for other residents given the dog had not been euthanized.

“I’ve healed up OK but I feel like I have a bit of post traumatic stress,” Ms Cooley said. “I get these waves of anxiety but I just want to be strong for my kids.”

Gold Coast City Council was unable to confirm whether a dangerous dog declaration had been made against the dog who attacked Ms Cooley.

A spokesman said the question of compensation between two parties was a “civil matter” and not something Council had the power to act on.

(Gold Coast Bulletin - November 28, 2016)

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