Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tennessee: Danny Powell, 52, arrested after police say he assaulted female Animal Control officer who was charging him with Animal Cruelty

TENNESSEE -- A 52-year-old Nashville man is behind bars after allegedly assaulting a Metro Animal Control officer trying to remove eight puppies from living in their own feces and urine.

According to the arrest affidavit for Danny Powell, Metro Nashville Police first responded to his Oakland Street home in September after an Animal Control officer found the puppies living on the back deck of the home which was covered in feces and urine.

The Metro PD officers says all of the puppies were "coated" in urine and feces and the puppy food out back also had feces "mixed into it." The animal control officer added the "stench surrounding this deck and puppies was unbearable, with hundreds of flies swarming around them." 

Overall, the affidavit states the living conditions were "deplorable."

The initial animal control officer was unable to remove the puppies due to a roommate who was being uncooperative. The Metro PD officer says the puppies were "thin and sickly looking" and Powell admitted they had not seen a vet.

When an animal control officer returned, the woman told Powell he would be cited for the infractions and would have to confiscate the animals. The officer says Powell grabbed the puppies and loaded them into his pick-up truck.

 As the officer was telling Powell he could not leave the scene because police were dispatched, he allegedly told her "Move out of the way, or I'll hit, run you over!"

Powell then allegedly struck the officer with his open door and as he spun out of the driveway, flung up gravel which also struck the woman.

Powell fled the scene but was arrested and booked into the Davidson County Jail Tuesday on aggravated assault and cruelty to animal charges.

Sex: Male
Race: White
Birthdate: August 29, 1964
Last known address: 2141 Oakland Street, Nashville TN
Arrest date: November 22, 2016
Agency: Nashville Metro Police

(Fox17 - Nov 26, 2016)

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