Saturday, November 26, 2016

Canada: Woman always worried about the vicious-sounding pit bull inside neighbor's fence. Then it got loose.

CANADA -- Yes, this is a Pit Bull attack in Surrey. Our pup, was injured with a large vet bill to boot. This was not a pet that attacked it was a neighbors "alarm and security".

We had always thought when we walked by the gate, "I hope that dog never gets out", as he paced and barked crazily behind. Today was the day the gate was opened.

Gregory Brown - Ugh. . Ugly. Report it?


Sheri Brown - Police showed up, its with animal control now ☹️

Laura June Lahdekorpi - Sheri Brown good!!!

Erica Tucker - It's sad they will have to put down a dog all because of the owner however things like this can't happen again

Gregory Brown - There are no bad dogs, just bad owners

Stefanie Krueger Whelan - Gregory Brown, Thank you for that comment! I am tired of pit bulls getting a bad rap! It's the owner not the breed of dog!! And I am terribly sorry that your(Sheri Brown) dog got attacked!! I hope it heals quickly with no lasting problems!

Tamara Baltic I'm so sorry 😰

Sandra Benz - Thats terrible. Please report it as I am sure you have and I hope for a speedy recovery.

Pamela Beatty Forbes - I'm soooo sorry 😡

Rikki Ashley - Omg Sheri ... how terrible ... so sorry this happened to your fur baby and family ... here's to a speedy recovery

Ruth Liukkonen - Hope the pit bull was put down. My friend in Surrey had similar incident, neighbors call police, my friend had stitches in both hands and her dog was in vets saved, but huge bill. Pit bull was put down by SPCA owner agreed.