Saturday, November 26, 2016

Virginia: Little dog named Lucky is lucky to be alive after neighbor's pit bull broke through the fence and attacked him

VIRGINIA -- I am so furious our neighbor's pit bull broke the fence and attacked my Vanessa's dog lucky. But thanks to an angel they did the needed surgery and he is on his way home poor lucky

Teri Pearson I'm so sorry.i would be pissed off to.did u make the neighbors pay the bill?

Flora Arana well they have to but my granddaughter boyfriend set it up through care. Credit so they are going to give the neighbors they have to pay for it

Dianna Gilmore I'm so sorry hope the poor is ok

Teri Pearson Good for u.

Poor lucky in half of a body cast three inner muscles repaired and staples on the outside. He almost lost the use of his good front paw. He has bruises on his lungs had blood in his chest cavity. We almost lost the poor little guy

Flora Arana The dog is under quarantine

Lisa Torres what neighbor

Flora Arana The one who libes on the right side of us

Lisa Torres o in thr trailer park

Flora Arana Yup ! The pit bull tore into 3 major muscles. Had he bit 1/4 of an inch more lucky would. Have been paralyzed. But he went through alot of pain last night