Friday, November 18, 2016

Ohio: Teen attacked by family's American Bulldog; gets more than 300 stitches and has a fractured hip

OHIO -- Prayers for Nathan Mcguire, as he had been attacked by a american bull dog yesterday and had emergency surgery no word this morning on his status but will let ya know....Aunt Kosha Loves you Nathan!

Edith Shafer He's awake but can't move. He's got to have therapy which they just came in a few minutes ago.

Nola Blake Prayers

Edith Shafer He has over 300 stitches. Broken finger fractured hip arms are bad. Head. Nathan had his arms up to protect his head.

Nola Blake Oh my goodness. Just thankful to God he is alive.

Edith Shafer Yes he had to be life flighted Jeremy had to meet the squad. He's bad but thank God there's a God.

Nola Blake Who's dog was it?

Edith Shafer Jeremy's. They've had it 4 years

Wayne McGuire It was American bull dog. That's what he told me it was

Dianna Wray Oh my that's awful how old is he

Kosha Moss 13 or 14 not sure

Isabella Shafer 14

Dianna Wray Oh wow. Did they find the dog and owner

Kosha Moss They were the owner

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