Friday, November 18, 2016

Texas: Girl attacked in her own yard by a dog, injuries to her face and neck bad enough she had to be taken by helicopter to hospital

TEXAS -- Prayers for Matt and Angela's daughter Katelyn.She was attacked by a dog in their yard and care flighted to Cooks.

Teena Wimberley-Wickson Oh no. Sending prayers

Vaneta McCullough Oh no I am so sorry I pray she will be ok! God love her!

Rhonda Clark Bradford Praying for that sweet girl.

Karen Gray Adair Oh no!! Praying!!!

Jeb Baxley Tina where did this happen and what dogs?

Tina Adair Robinson In their backyard not sure what dogs,but Matt had to get the dog off of her. Side of face and neck area.

Jeb Baxley Not good, hope she's alright.

Update on Katelyn.Plastic surgery on face and possIbly can stitch up the neck tonight.


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