Thursday, November 10, 2016

Pennsylvania: Barbara Yogmas charged with animal cruelty after nearly 200 animals found being hoarded, along with a 12 year old boy, in squalor

PENNSYLVANIA --  Pittsburgh animal shelter is bursting at the seams after receiving nearly 200 animals Tuesday.

Sheriff's deputies were serving an eviction notice to Barbara Yogmas when they found the animals inside her home.

The majority are birds, but ferrets, cats, dogs, lizards and even a turtle were living in deplorable conditions in the house.

One neighbor said it's hard to believe the woman was harboring so many pets.

"I am totally shocked. I knew she had some animals," said neighbor Mary Roberts. "I didn't know she had that many animals."

Yogmas is charged with cruelty to animals and endangering the welfare of a 12-year-old boy who lived with them in the home.

The shelter director said many of the animals are in good shape and that they will be assessed.

They will then be placed in foster homes before adoption.

(ActionNews5 - Nov 9, 2016)