Thursday, December 29, 2016

California: Pit bull owners insisting we don't know what a pit bull looks like, that Chihuahuas are much more vicious and that it's "how they're raised"

CALIFORNIA -- Nothing like a pit bull report to get everyone worked up on Facebook. This isn't even really an article. Just a tiny paragraph with not much information except "woman and her dog attacked by a pit bull"

That little bit of information resulted in the following:

Crystal LoManto - UGH I hate that they report every dog as a pit bull. Sure, the chances are pretty good but often times any vicous dog is labeled a pit bull.

Bridgette Birnbaum - It's all how they are raised and not always pitbulls. My mom was walking my little sister when we were younger and was attacked by a German Shepherd. My dad was watching a football game at his friends house and was bit by his friends doberman... it can happen with any breed

Crystal LoManto - Thats the problem....the pit bull issue is a man made problem but the dogs are getting blamed. Over breeding and their appeal to thugs paired with their need for a strong owner is the perfect storm for this kind of thing. Its sad. Not to mention, most people dont know a real pit bull when they see one.

Bridgette Birnbaum - My chihuahua was more more vicious than both my pit bulls...

Paula Baeza - Same here!

Tina Fretwell - Lindsey my ankle dog is more aggressive than my pit bull my pit has never hurt anyone .... she has gotton out of my yard before and stayed on my grass and just barked at people walking by,,,, but because she is a pitt they fear her :( so sad... when all she would do is want to be petted with a wagging tail... but... we are all human if you see a dog running at you the 21st insticnt is to be scared ... thats with ANY dog ... i had a husky in my yard last week I was scared when it ran up to me but at the same time i wanted to look at his tags and get him home ... but he ran away to quickly :( he looked mean with his eyes but.. he wasnt . Looks are decieving ...lets not judge all these pittys

Helen Grice Russo - I am thankful that the dog did not bite, I wonder if it was an over reaction (fear). We have an amstaff and have the same issue. (and she's well trained etc etc, doesn't matter to people with fear).

Bridgette Birnbaum - Yep ours will sleep wherever the kids are sleeping

Janice Geyer-Coker - Here we go again labeling Pit Bulls, why don't they just post "dog bite" or "dog attack".