Thursday, December 29, 2016

Georgia: Woman at children's hospital sees little boy who had been mauled by two pit bulls

GEORGIA -- Paula Butler Kay posted on Facebook December 29, 2016 ·

Hospitals are such a sad place - especially children's hospitals. The little boy across the hall from us was attacked by 2 pit bulls. He has lost 1 ear, scars all over his neck, head, back and legs. He has been here over a week. 

And now I just heard there is a little boy 2 doors down from us who is in foster care and has no one here with him. Tommie gave her balloons to him :(

Robin Poss Payne - The little boy that got attacked by Pit Bulls, that my be Allen and Tracy Fain's little boy Ethan. They are Tucker folks. Ethan was attacked on Christmas Eve. He is in Eggleston.

Paula Butler Kay - It is them!!! Oh wow, small world!!!

Robin Poss Payne - I just told Tracy you were there and she was surprised to hear a Tiger was so close. The balloon made her feel better too.

Joanna Banks Cook - Omg. Please tell them I'm so so sorry.