Friday, December 23, 2016

Florida: Pit bull owner wants everyone to know that if your little dog is attacked by a pit bull it's your fault for not picking it up

FLORIDA -- Sabrina Fenner was feeling furious. December 21, 2016 ·

Okay so I am tired of hearing people with smaller dogs say oh my dog got attacked by a pit bull that dog just attacked my dog out of the blue with no reason.

Pit bulls don't just attack for no reason they don't get enjoyment out of it they don't get some kind of doggy satisfaction

if a pit bull attacks it was either raised by somebody who did not treat it right and taught it to do that or somebody commanded the dog to do that

you cannot go and blame the dog before saying it's the pit bull's nature to go take your little rat dog no honey you need to understand that there's a reason behind the pit bulls reputation it's the poor bastards that raise them to be like that it's not a natural reaction

if you see a bigger dog coming your way just pick up your little rat and carry it I'm sick and tired of people with little small stupid dogs whining and crying that it's always a pit bull that attacks their dogs just buy them walking by no that is complete b******* don't you go blaming the dog.