Thursday, December 15, 2016

Florida: Woman's dog mauled by pit bull at dog park

FLORIDA -- My poor little "Charley" has had a very rough 2016 and is now awaiting a much better year ahead :) :)

After surviving a pygmy rattle snake strike a few months ago, which landed him a night in the emergency vet hospital, then a few months later, an attack from an "old friend" dog who for some reason decided to attack a few months ago, and bit poor Charley in several spots....NOW, on Sunday afternoon....we had a great time at one of Zephyrhills parks, walking the paths and seeing other dogs.

Afterwards, we decided to go to the Zephyrhills enclosed dog park so the dogs could run loose among other doggy friends. Well, almost immediately upon arriving, our little Charley was ferociously attacked by a pit bull mix.

The female dog was very STRONG and big. She had a grip of steel on Charley's neck, but THANKFULLY, most of what she had in her mouth was Charley's fabric harness. However, she did get a few big bites in. My husband, Randy and I were literally rolling on the ground with the dogs. I was holding Charley tightly, trying to pull him from her grip, while Randy was doing everything possible to loosen the teeth / jaw NO AVAIL.

Our little Charley was crying so loudly and many other people were trying to assist, while holding other dogs back. One woman came with a big bucket of water and threw it into the bigger dog's face, finally causing her to loosen her bite....briefly, then again she immediately grabbed Charley on the chest, right under his left front leg, but this time it wasn't as firm a bite and the lady this time came with the hose and sprayed directly into the dogs face and FINALLY, after about a 5 - 6 minute horrible situation, Charley was loose and in my arms and the lady who had the Pit Bull Mix put her leash on and took her to her van.

FORTUNATELY, the bites were relatively minor, but very painful and needing antibiotics, but at least sweet Charley didn't bleed too much and today at the Vet's office, the areas were shaved and now we are able to attend to them properly with pain meds. BRING ON 2017 - LOL LOL

Marla Rahbar Wardell - I hope that lady with the pit bull gets her dog some training, good Lord! What if that had been a child???

Judy Rahbar - That's exactly what both your dad and I said, Marla. It was such an unprovoked and immediate lunging experience, that if it had been a small child, it could have been so, so horrible. The lady was very apologetic, saying the dog had NEVER done this before and that she had rescued her about a year ago. The dog was older, I could tell, but had unbelievable strength in her ferocious attack. I am so thankful your dad was with me. I know I couldn't have handled the dog and Charley at the same time, and it would have been a much worse outcome; but so thankful it wasn't a small child.

Dena Handsome - I'm glad to hear Charley doesnt have major wounds. How scary that must have been.

Judy Rahbar - Thank you, Dena :) We are also so happy the injuries are not worse than they could have been. The little fabric harness actually saved his life, I think. It's torn pretty badly, and I'm just glad it wasn't his flesh instead, but just a couple wounds :)