Thursday, December 15, 2016

Sint Maarten: Community searching for dog after she was severely wounded by two pit bulls attacking her

SINT MAARTEN -- Last Monday, our guard dog at the entrance of the hill where I live was attacked by two pit bulls, and she ran away severely wounded. China hasn't been seen since.

Here is her picture. We asked the residents and merchants of Oyster Pond if they saw her, and put up some posters. We also called the vets, to no avail. I wonder is she is in heaven, or just scared to come home?

The owner of the Pit Bulls has removed them from Oyster Pond. It's sad. I wrote him this.

Please understand that making a dog bad to use as a guard animal is wrong and stupid, and it is not done anymore in many parts of the world. It's a disaster waiting to happen. There are cameras and alarm systems to protect your home. Please tell your friends and family that the habit of making dogs bad is not the right thing anymore.