Sunday, December 4, 2016

Georgia: Woman's cat named Luna escapes from the jaws of a pit bull

GEORGIA -- This post goes out to whoever it was that loved nurtured and fed my cat for the last week. My son's beloved Luna was attacked by a very large Pit bull a little over a week ago. I saw the attack and know there's no way she could bounce back from it. She ran away and I could not find her.

Suddenly today she appeared out of nowhere. She is in perfect health she has gained a lot of weight! To be able to tell my son his best friend is alive and home and waiting for him to return from vacation means the world to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

She says that the pit bull grabbed her cat and had her in its mouth and she screamed at it and it dropped the cat. I'm sure the only reason the cat's back wasn't crushed is because the owner was there and surprised the dog, which released its grip on the cat which then ran for its life.

Elena L Nicoli - Yes omg. My son was devastated. I ended up telling him a white lie. I told him his cat was very old and probably went off to a comfy place to die peacefully in her sleep. I felt it was the only way he'd be at peace with her being gone!