Sunday, December 4, 2016

New Jersey: Sweet looking Aussie named Ryder attacked and killed by two pit bulls

NEW JERSEY -- This is so heartbreaking, as of today little angel Ryder passed away. My heart is breaking because he was an amazing dog that was my best friend.

He didn't deserve to be attacked by pit bulls that ran onto our yard. He didn't do anything to them they bit his chest and punctured his lung and his screaming is still haunting me.

He was an angel sent from heaven. And that's where he is resting now?? God bless that amazing animal????

Tianna Evans - He was a good dog! I'm so sorry this happened.

Victoria Parsons - I'm so sorry to hear this Gabby!!!Sending all the love and positive vibes your family's way???? Don't mean to be that guy but I really hope police were involved those dogs shouldn't be around if they're that aggressive :/

Gab Rizzo Y- eah we are going to file a police report today it's just been so hard lately thanks for the love??????

Victoria Parsons - No problem at all and good those people very clearly shouldn't own dogs ??