Thursday, December 8, 2016

New Jersey: Man says he took in an ex-fighting dog. Two years later, that pit bull kills his other dog.

NEW JERSEY -- Due to the wishes of my family I won't speak my mind so all I will say is this thanksgiving we lost another dog. He was attacked by a pit bull that was unfortunately used for fighting.

Before you assume , the dog was gave to us to whom they couldn't take care of them anymore. So now almost 2 years later and one miscalculation. I'm glad my daughter wasn't hurt because they charged the fence as she fed them, but she wasn't interested in my daughter. They will be disposed of properly.

The sad thing is and what deeply affects me is i don't blame the dogs. After everything was over with They are together in an igloo and the male is being protective over the female. They know it's bad. It's the sick mother fuckers who train these dogs to do this.

Photos from his Facebook; don't know which
dog he is referring to in his post.