Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pennsylvania: Cheryl Rosser pleads guilty to starving her dogs

PENNSYLVANIA -- A Fredonia woman pleaded to charges of animal cruelty after humane society officers found five emaciated dogs on her property, officials said.

Photos taken by authorities show the bony animals with matted fur and at least one dog covered in burrs.

“She took a plea agreement, and we were able to get restitution on the case,” said Renee Dorogy, humane police officer for the Humane Society of Mercer County.

Cheryl Rosser was facing eight charges of animal cruelty on Monday after Dorogy said five dogs were removed from Rosser’s property in October.

Dorogy said on Oct. 25, there was a report of several dogs receiving minimal care inside and outside a home where no one was living.

“When I pulled into the driveway there were two Rottweilers on one side that were bone thin,” Dorogy said. “They ended up being less than half of their normal body weight.”

A notice was posted on the door of the home after an initial investigation revealed there were dogs on the property requiring immediate care. Dorogy said after two attempts to contact Rosser, the animals were removed.

“Behind a shed there was a black shepherd mix, and he was emaciated as well,” Dorogy said.

After tracking down Rosser, Dorogy said the woman relinquished ownership of four dogs outside the home and agreed to get veterinary care for a fifth dog.

The dogs inside the home were also underweight Dorogy said, but their physical conditions weren't bad enough that the officers could seize them.

Dorogy said the case was a win for the humane society because if there is another incident involving animal cruelty, Rosser will face misdemeanor charges.

“That could mean higher fines and jail time,” said Dorogy.

“She was facing eight counts and if she had been convicted on all of the charges it would have taken years to collect all the fines,” she said.

Attempts to contact Rosser were unsuccessful.

Dorogy said all of the animals removed from the property have been placed in forever homes with the exception of a Rottweiler.

“Her weight when we got her was 43 point something pounds,” she said. “Three weeks to the day later she gained 17 pounds, and all we did was deworm her and feed her.”

Dorogy said the dog is estimated to be around 7 or 8 years old.

“She has the sweetest personality, and she is very friendly,” Dorogy said. “They were all super friendly.”

Cheryl A. Rosser
Cheryl A. Pfeil

(Sharon Herald - Dec 7, 2016)