Friday, December 23, 2016

New Mexico: Woman and her two Spaniels attacked by two pit bulls

NEW MEXICO -- Jessica and Zeus need your help!

Early this morning, December 6th, Jessica was taking her two dogs out for their morning walk. Shortly after stepping outside, they were attacked by a pair of pit bulls roaming in the street.

One of her dogs managed to get away with minor injuries, however Jessica and her other dog Zeus sustained more severe injuries. Jessica's leg, arm, and shoulder and badly injured as well as Zeus's hind legs.

Lucky Jessica's neighbor heard her cry for help and stepped in to help. He may very well have saved her life.

Jessica will be fine, however the extent of her injuries and time needed to recover is yet to be determined. The seriousness of Zeus's condition will not be known for at least another couple of days.

If you are able, please consider contributing to help with Jessica's medical bills and Zeus's vet bills.

Update 1
Good news! Zeus is now home and recovering. Jessica is doing better but still in quite a but of pain. They both have a long recovery ahead of them.

They still very much need your help though. It looks like the goal for this campaign may only be enough to cover their vet bill. They're also struggling to get the information they need in order to hold the pit bull owners responsible for this. And they have a VERY limited amount of time to do so.

Update 2
Update from Jessica's husband Dennis. For context, the mauling happened on their front porch. Please continue to share. Thanks everyone!

"Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the fund. We are almost half way to the goal and will need every bit of it. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten.

"It's been 2 weeks since the mauling and Jessica and Zeus are healing. Zeus appears to be healing quickly, but still has many stitches in both his hind legs. He is due for a follow up later this week.

"Jessica is also healing well, but not as quickly as Zeus. The Doc said it would be a minimum of 3 months before her leg is fully healed. Her arm and shoulder are also still healing. She is able to shuffle around the house now and is not confined to a single chair anymore. However, the act of walking is very exhausting for her and takes a lot out of her. She is currently on a 2 per week follow up schedule until the wounds get to a point that we can maintain them from home.

"Spirits are up most days, but some days are rough. Jessica finally made it out the front door for the first time on Sunday, but returned to the house in tears. She will continue to work up the courage to make it out the front door. Zeus is still hesitant to go past the threshold. It will take time.

"Again, thank you to everyone who has given to the fund. An equal thanks to all that have sent positive energy and good prayers our way."

GoFundMe "Medical Fund for Jessica and Zeus"

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