Friday, December 23, 2016

Louisiana: Dachshund named Floppy attacked by a pit bull. Owner says his hide was ripped off from one side to the other

LOUISIANA -- Our poor little floppy got attacked by a pit bull today and is now in the Animal Hospital for at least overnight up until possibly Monday he is possibly going to have to have stitches his hide was ripped from one side to the other side of his body and is in a lot of pain and in shock so please keep are little guy in your prayers

Jennie Conway - Prayers for your little Floppy. I hope he recovers soon. Your not alone. Pit bulls attract, maul and kill other dogs every. I hate pits. I'm so glad that Floppy was a survivor.

Brittany Kaylan Mcdaniel - Prayers

Santana Allen - Prayers poor puppy

Danielle Born - Sorry to hear about your lil pup i hope he makes a full recovery but dont blame every pit bull for one pit bull being poorly trained. my pit has never attacked or even growled at another dog for that matter shes the sweetest dog ive ever had.

Lisa Padgett - I'm sorry.... BUT. God pit lovers are the worst people EVER

Danielle Born - Why do you think that? Is it because I don't like people attacking my dog for no reason? Or is it just because I don't agree with your ignorant ass?

Sylvie Montague - I suppose the poor lady near me that was killed by her well-loved, indoor, raised from a puppy pit bull raised it to rip her throat out. Please. Its almost always a pit type dog that does this. They aren't meant to be pets. They may live their whole lives not doing anything wrong but a high enough percentage of them do what they were bred to do. Fight to kill. They are shredding other pets every day all over the country because some silly people can't choose a safer type dog for a pet.

Jay Benniefiel - This dog has had the taste of blood long time and this is multiple times this dog has been at Large and they do nothing about the dog and animal control has to wait till the 4th time to do anything about it

Danielle Born - I understand but 1 dog being poorly trained doesnt mean all pit bulls are bad I do wish animal control wouldnt handled the dog before it got to this point.

Kore DaCajun - Always has to be someone to say it wasn't the breed. It's the owners. Or the environment. Or the upbringing.'s ALWAYS the breed caught in this kind of mess. People can have them. Trust them all they want to. And they can regret doing it like most owners have. They are great dogs, but they are powerful, dangerous dogs too. I ain't trying to get rid of them. But I won't have them in my house, cousin. I don't want to hear "I told you so" ....