Thursday, December 15, 2016

New York: Woman's Great Pyrenees attacked by a pit bull while leaving Petsmart

NEW YORK -- I don't want to disparage any breed, but Teddy was attacked by a pit mix today.

We were coming out of Petsmart when we were approached by a man and his dog. Teddy was doing his best body wag and play bow. We were standing still but the man and dog approached us.

Without warning the dog lunged at Teddy and grabbed his upper lip. I dropped my bags and grabbed him. I could not get the other dog off. He just bit down and hung on. I was afraid that the side of Teddy's face was going to be ripped off. I just held my dog to try to keep him still while he was screaming in pain.

It felt like it went on forever as I only had one hand to try to get the other dog off. People came to help and got the dog off. I grabbed Teddy and held him. I didn't realize that my hand was bitten up until I saw blood all over my dog.

We brought him to the ER vet. While we were waiting other dogs came in and all he wanted to do was play with them. We left him there to be sedated so the dr could check his mouth thoroughly. We the went to the hospital so I could have my hand cleaned up. Then back to pick up Teddy.

He has a deep puncture almost through his lip. He's ok and a real trooper. So proud of my brave boy.

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