Thursday, December 15, 2016

Virginia: One Westie mauled to death, the other clinging to life after being mauled by two pit bulls

VIRGINIA -- One dog was killed and another injured after two loose pit bulls attacked them while they were walking with their owner Sunday evening, police said.

Police responded to Wedgewood Drive after receiving a complaint about three dogs running at large in the neighborhood, James City County Police spokeswoman Stephanie Williams said.

Police were told that two of the loose dogs, both females, had attacked two West Highland White terriers that were walking with their owner. The third at-large dog, which is a mixed breed and was not identified as a pit bull, did not participate in the attack, Williams said.

After the attack, the two dogs were taken to an emergency vet clinic, where one died, she said.

The second terrier was still under a veterinarian’s care Wednesday afternoon.

When police arrived, witnesses familiar with the dogs said they were owned by two people on Centerville Road, Williams said.

Animal control responded to the owner’s house and seized the two pit bulls, which were identified by a witness as the dogs that attacked the two terriers, Williams said.

The third dog was not seized by animal control and remains at the home, Williams said.

The owner told police the dogs had gotten out of the fence.

Charges are pending against two people who own the dogs. Between them, there are two dangerous dog charges and three dog at-large charges, Williams said. The owners have not been served yet.

The two accused dogs are being held at the Heritage Humane Society, separated from other shelter animals, Williams said.

(WY Daily - Dec 14, 2016)

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