Sunday, December 25, 2016

North Carolina: Christopher Carson, 31, accused of beating a yelping puppy and slamming its head against the car window

NORTH CAROLINA -- The North Wilkesboro Police Department charged a man with misdemeanor cruelty to animals after an incident Tuesday morning.
Arrested at 11:45 a.m. Monday was Christopher Kit Carson (Chris Carson), 31, of Longbottom Road, McGrady.

Major Scott Teague of the North Wilkesboro Police Department said Town Manager Larry South reported to officers that he saw Carson sitting in a 2015 Toyota Corolla and slamming the head of a small puppy against the passenger window of the car.

According to Teague, Carson was cursing and the puppy was yelping. The car was parked in the 900 block of Ninth Street when the incident occurred.

Carson was taken before a magistrate and was given a $1,000 secured bond. He was released from custody under bond.

Teague said the puppy was turned over to Wilkes Animal Control.

Wilkes Animal Control Director Junior Simmons said the puppy was taken to a veterinarian for examination and “is doing great.”

Simmons said the black and white puppy, about 4 months old, must be keep at the Wilkes Animal Control Shelter until the case is heard in court.

(Journal Patriot - Dec 22, 2016)

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