Friday, December 23, 2016

North Carolina: Woman's Chihuahua named Ellie Mae mauled by a pit bull

NORTH CAROLINA -- Elaine AngierlLancaster‎ posted to Chihuahua Parents December 23, 2016 ·

Please pray for my little EllieMae- she was attacked by a pit bull today! She got away from it 3 times- the Dr. said the dog probably thought she was squirrel & just wanted to play with her!! All the while I was screaming- EllieMae was screaming and trying to get to me!

She is bruised up pretty bad, swollen shoulders & ribs. She's not walking on one of her front legs. And on some pretty powerful pain mess. But she wakes up screaming in pain and only place I can touch her rt now is her forehead!!

This is my service, medical alert dog!! Putting freezer faceclothes on her swelling, she ate a little can food, a couple licks of water. But nothing on pee pad since before 4. Just screams! 😢

Any ideas how to get her to drink, eat will be great. She still in stock- shaking all the time!! — feeling heartbroken.

EllieMae still in a lot of pain, but she ate alittle, and drank some water! Going to boil her some chicken so she will eat!! She still screaming out in her sleep or if I try to touch her.

The vet said today would be worse than last nite. Said the pit bull probably thought she was a squirrel, and was just playing with her-- 3 times in her mouth-I couldn't even see my Ellie in her mouth, just heard the screaming!! Was so awful!! The dog chased her rt up my handicap ramp into my house and grabbed her- not once but twice and then chased her again & picked up in her mouth again. And then dropped her on the ground!!

EllieMae is my life!, all 2.4lbs of her! She is also my service medical alert dog! Please don't stop the prayers-- she is still in so much pain!! Thank you everyone for prayers already for my little baby!!