Saturday, December 3, 2016

Ohio: Things get weird regarding Pete Byers, the owner of the Weimaraner and Doberman shot and killed by Mike Chedester

OHIO -- When the story originally came out, that Michael Chedester had allegedly shot and killed Pete Byers' two dogs, everyone was outraged at the callous act.

However, questions concerning the GoFundMe page set up for Byers and also an alleged appearance on a courtroom TV show has people getting more irate. 

First, Minerva O'Gobhann who says she is Byers' sister, set up a GoFundMe page asking for donations. Donations for what? These dogs were shot and killed; there are no vet bills needing to be paid.

"Funds will be used for the following:

➤ Costs regarding the prosecution of Mr. Michael Chedester

What? There are government employees called prosecutors who do this. There is no attorney needing to be hired because the state of Ohio is footing the bill. 

➤ Adoption fees related to a new companion for Pete

As others have pointed out, in video interviews, it's clear that Byers currently owns multiple dogs. 

➤ Vet bills related to a new companion: spay/neuter, shots, checkups, etc.

➤ Basic supplies for the care of a puppy: toys, bedding, puppy chow, etc."

These last two things are just ridiculous. However, it's not a crime to shamelessly post a GoFundMe and beg for money. And if people want to give him money to buy dog toys, that's their choice. 

I remember a woman who'd been charged with child neglect after leaving her young children in a hot car while she supposedly went to a job interview. People donated more than $100,000. She was supposed to have put half of it away for her children's future college funds, but she spent ALL of it. She went shopping, partied, got her boyfriend a music studio for his rap career, etc. Some people were outraged; others said it was her money to do what she wanted and when you donate to something you shouldn't have any expections. 

I feel sorry for Mr. Byers, but he doesn't need this money. There are many more deserving GoFundMe accounts that have been set up for people who are really dealing with financial catastrophes, such as Mr. Willie Nelson, who was nearly killed by his pit bull or for Tina Pounds, who was mauled by a pit bull while protecting her grandson.or for Farley, the little Corgi attacked and mauled by another dog



Several people are now also posting their outrage at Byer's tears over his dead dogs when it's alleged that he shot and killed five dogs last year. They say this is him in this screenshot from the TV show "Hot Bench", which is similar to "Judge Judy". Civil cases are heard in front of a judge and the two parties agree to appear and abide by the judge's decision.

Is it him? I don't know. Remember that old website called "guys who look like kenny rogers"? There were literally 100s of guys who looked just like Kenny Rogers. This guy's white, has a goatee/beard and ponytail. Who knows?

When Pit Bulls suffer bullet wounds, a neighbor confesses 
that he shot a rifle at them but that it was the dog’s owner 
who caused the injuries.



  1. That is not Pete Byers on hot bench. I agree about the gofundme

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