Saturday, December 3, 2016

Texas: After woman's Greyhound attacked by 3 dogs, she manages to raise nearly $7,000 for vet bills in just a couple days

TEXAS -- On Nov 27, 2016; Sun after Thanksgiving, Rem (my Greyhound baby boy) and I decided to go to the apartment dog park for some quality off leash ball chasing time.

We got two feet into the park when 3 dogs ran up us to play... they didn't want to play.

They instead tore into my boy, luckily the owner was able to pull the main aggressor off and I was able to shield him from the other two with a few well placed kicks and a lot of yelling.

I took him to emergency that night not yet realizing the extent of his injuries. They sent me home with the words "come back tomorrow to pick him up, he may be sore so you may want to stay home with him and the wounds may be seeping, so get a baby gate"... so i did that.

Monday morning I borrowed the baby gate, cleaned the kitchen (so he could sleep on the linoleum instead of the carpet) and set off to get my boy. Fast forward to now and he still hasn't come home.

He received about 10 bites from 3 dogs in those 30 seconds that seemed to last a lifetime. Bites are mostly on his rear legs, chest and neck. One of those bites came way too close to his jugular, doc told me if the dog had been bigger or stronger I would have lost Remy right there in the dog park.

Here's what's happening as of 12/1/16 (will post updates when available)

-Initial wound care of the bites (clipping torn or dead skin and stitches, approx 50 stitches)
-Tramatic Rhabdomyolysis (muscle damage releases a protein harmful to the kidneys, could cause death / permanent kidney damage)
-Wounds have gone Septic (infected, wounds have started to turn black at the stitches and are seeping)
-Platelet count is down to 20k (should be between 170k - 400k)
-D.I.C. Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (possible cause of the low platelet issue)
-Edema (severe swelling connected to fluids due to infection)
-Recurring fever, from the infection
-Attached to IV for fluids, dextrose and medications

His care has cost $6,031.16 as of today. Vet says he still has more time to spend in their ICU at approx $1,000.00 per day.

He retired from the tracks only last year, his retirement hasn't been nearly long enough and he has way more balls to chase.....

Thank you for taking the time to hear Remy's story.

Any help that you can give would be appreciated.

Remy's human

If you'd like to donate directly, Remy is at....

VCA Metroplex Animal Hospital
Acct #37765

Update 1
Posted by Roxanne Jensen
20 hours ago

1st: Thank you all... your support is so appreciated!

2nd: Just got the morning update from the Vet... Good news..
-Edema in the leg has gone down a bit (swelling)
-He's tolerating seringe feeding well

Not so good news...
-Running a fever of 103.6, it's been up and down thru this whole thing due to the infection.
-Liver enzymes are elevated (probably due to the infection)
-Albumin is continuing to decline (from what i'm told... Albumin is an enzyme created in the liver, low levels can indicate Kidney issues. Which is the Rhabdomyolysis)
-He's still not eating (real food, he was a couple days ago... little bits of rotisserie chicken), probably due to the increased pain meds.... they tripled his dose of pain meds yesterday.

It's a vicious circle of good and bad news from day to day.

Again, thank you all for your support. I'll post another update when i see the Vet tonight.

Remy's human

Update 2
Posted by Roxanne Jensen
12 hours ago

12/2/16 @ 6:30pm.... spoke to the doc.
-they did more blood panels, waiting for results.
-platelets have gone up, thank god, to 39k i think.. will need to double check that. It was hovering at 20k, which was real bad.
-he didn't eat real food again today. They think it's because of the pain killers. They're going to ease him off some tomorrow to see if he'll eat. If not they're putting a feeding tube up into his tummy. :(
-edema is supposedly down in his left back leg.... i don't see it, but yay!?!
-edema is up in his right rear leg... fluids just traded legs.... booo!
-Albumin enzyme is down to 1.6 in his kidneys, they're trying to figure out what to do on that one.
-ALT enzyme (also in the liver) is up, supposed to b bad.
-Urine still too dark... they keep giving him fluids but now need to be careful of how much due to potential damage to liver/kidneys.

Thank you all so much for your support!!

(GoFundMe: "Please Help my Remy" - Dec 1, 2016)