Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ohio: Vickie White believes the pit bull owner being attacked by his own dog - who begged police to shoot it - provoked it

OHIO -- Vickie White read WTTE Fox 28's article "Police body cam shows dog shot, killed after vicious attack of owner" and posted on her Facebook page:

"Sorry I know the attack was horrible but it makes me wonder what the owner did to the dog to provoke the attack?? I refuse to believe the dog is going to attack the owner for no damn reason! I might be wrong but I doubt it"


Blaming the victim isn't new. In order to find some reason that the dog attacked its owner who loved it, they have to believe that the owner did something to make it attack. They don't want to believe that these dogs, raised with love inside the home with their families, would do such a thing. But the truth is: they do.

In the video, a woman tells police she can't believe the dog did this, that it's never acted like this before. Watch the video and decide for yourself: do you agree with Vickie, that the owner provoked its pit bull into attacking him?



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