Thursday, December 1, 2016

Oklahoma: Osage County man offers reward for information leading to pit bulls' owner after wife is attacked

OKLAHOMA -- An Osage County woman is still recovering after being attacked by two pit bulls earlier this month.

Now, her husband is offering a $3,500 reward for any information that leads to the identification of the dogs’ owner.


FOX23 told you Osage County deputies shot both dogs after they reportedly attacked a woman, attempted to attack a neighbor and charged at deputies.

This happened near Skiatook Lake in the Beverly Hills Lake Estates neighborhood.


One dog was shot and killed.

The other dog was shot, but ran off. It was found a few days later and is in quarantine.

The victim was found holding on to one of these trees
screaming for help while the pit bulls were attacking
her and trying to pull her loose to drag her away

Anyone with information is asked to call Osage County Sheriff’s Office 918-287-3131.

(Fox23 - Nov 30, 2016)


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