Thursday, December 1, 2016

South Africa: Father killed following pit bull attack

The doctors tried to revive him but it was too late.

SOUTH AFRICA -- A 59-year-old father died yesterday evening after he was attacked by three pit bull terriers at a premises in Lakhimpur Road in Merebank, on Friday afternoon.

The deceased, Morganathan Moodley, was entering the premises which is near his home at around 2pm when he was savagely attacked by the dogs.

Speaking to the Rising Sun Newspaper, brother-in-law of the victim and family spokesman, Rocky Pather said, “It is alleged that the domestic worker was cleaning the dog enclosure and left the gate open. When my brother entered the yard, the dogs charged towards him, pushed him to the ground and ripped out chunks of his leg and bit his ears, hands, legs, face and other parts of his body.”

“He screamed for help and another employee and the domestic worker came to his aid and tried to get the dogs off him. After numerous attempts, the dogs finally left him. My brother-in-law was taken into the house and his two sons were called. They immediately took him to the local hospital,” he said.

Pather added that Moodley had to be transferred to another hospital for intensive treatment as his wounds were severe.  “It was on Monday when he was transferred to Albert Luthuli Hospital for further treatment that he went into cardiac arrest at around 7pm and died. The doctors tried to revive him but it was too late,” said the distraught relative.

Moodley was described as a quiet and humble person who was very family orientated.  “We have opened a case at our local police station,” Pather said.

(Rising Sun - Nov 29, 2016)