Sunday, December 4, 2016

Texas: Young Husky named Kenai mauled by pit bull at dog park; owner seeking help with the vet bills

TEXAS -- Everyone please keep my puppy Kenai and my boyfriend Carlos in your prayers. Kenai got attacked by a pit bull at the dog park and Carlos got bit saving him.

Kenai is at the dog emergency room and I'm on my way now to see how they are... This is my family guys and I'm completely heartbroken that this happened to him so please please please just keep them in your prayers and in your hearts today. Thank you.

Update: Kenai had several deep cuts into his pelvic area, left leg, and there's a chunk of skin hanging off his left elbow. He's being treated and will most likely have to stay over night.

Carlos is well.... fine. He says he does have a sharp pain in his left arm and chest but he's currently chowing down on plate at a chinese buffet. Thank you so much for everyone's kind words and prayers.


Adriana Monroy Martinez - Let me know how they're doing? I'm so sorry boo

Dennis Baker-  Prayers of healing sent, my granddaughter is also a survivor of a very severe Pit Bull attack. The dog would not release her face until it was stabbed to death.

Jas Martinez - O nooo

Sherry Cole - Hope all goes well

Jessica Sosa Caballero - We Are Praying For You All. Please keep Us Posted

GoFundMe link: "Help Kenai Recover"

My husky puppy of 9 months old was playing at the Grapevine dog park, when he was attacked by a blue nosed pit bull. Carlos and I would be very grateful for any donations at all in helping our puppers recover. He is like our baby and it broke our hearts that this happened to him, but we have no doubt that he will make a full recovery. All money donated would be used strictly for his medical bills and recovery process. Also, if anyone would like to send a little gift for him (he LOVES chewy turkey treats and ropes to pull on) then feel free to contact me! Again, thank you to everyone that helps and please keep our pupper in your heart and prayers!

Unfortunately, her fundraising page hasn't gotten much traction. A Greyhound that had been attacked by a pit bull raised like $7,000 in a couple days, but this one only has a couple hundred raised so far. 😟 She should start posting on Husky sites; a lot of times people who like certain breeds will donate simply because it's the type of dog they like.